Report: Use of Private Loans by Postsecondary Students

This report examines the use of private education loans by both undergraduate and graduate students in the 2003–04, 2007–08, and 2011–12 academic years.

Report: Homeschooling in the U.S.

This report provides estimates of the number and percentage of homeschooled students in the U.S.

Report: Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education

This report provides key data that illustrate the educational inequities and opportunity gaps that continue to exist for students of color and low-income students in accessing and completing a quality postsecondary education. 

Resource: Local School Wellness Policy Outreach Toolkit

This toolkit provides communication resources such as flyers, presentations, newsletter articles, and social media posts that schools can use to educate and engage staff and parents in school wellness. 

Resource: Federal Guidance to Support Completion and Success in Higher Education

This fact sheet describes a joint commitment from multiple federal departments to align supports and program delivery to promote college access and completion. 

Report: Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange

This report provides information on international students studying at higher education institutions in the U.S. and students from the U.S. studying abroad. 

Resource: Program-Level Gainful Employment Earnings Data

This data set provides information on program-level outcomes of college students preparing for gainful employment that can be used by prospective students and their families to weigh their options.

Report: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Life Opportunities

This report describes a study which analyzed data from 10 states and the District of Columbia that used the ACE module in the 2010 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System to examine the association between ACEs and adult education, employment, and income.