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Adults can’t do it alone. Youth also play an important role in strengthening programs and improving youth outcomes. We created Youth Engaged 4 Change for teens and young adults who make change happen every day. Visit the site and share it with young change makers you know.

Below, young people share their experiences and perspectives on what makes a difference for youth engaged in change. Learn from their stories. While you are at it, take a minute to nominate young change makers in your community!

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"Change starts with one person and can grow really fast" - Tristan

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"To youth out there who feel like they are trapped or hopeless, you are not alone. Understand that you have a purpose in life."
“…No matter what obstacles you face, you can recover, and you can make a difference!”
If you want to become a leader, get focused, keep pushing – even when it's tough – and stay positive.
...there is hope!...never keep your feelings bottled up...It is not bad to get help when you need it.
My advice is to work hard, believe in yourself, and have fun doing it.
As a new immigrant who could not speak English fluently, I was always quiet and tried to stay invisible.
What I've learned out of life is this: Forgiveness opens up your heart so it can receive more love.
"I was very eager to meet and converse with my peers as well as key leadership throughout the country. I think that it is very important to give folks that may not normally interact the opportunity to do so."
"My ancestors fought for me to have a way of life to live for. So I honor them by holding on to our language and tradition as much as possible."
"The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is an epitome of what cities should be implementing to reach the needs of their own cities -- since not every city requires the same things."