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Resource: Children and Youth Resilience Challenge Winners

Posted |

This news release announces the 2024 winners of the Children and Youth Resilience Challenge. The Children and Youth Resilience Challenge award prizes to innovative community-led solutions to promote resilience in children and adolescents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other man-made or natural disasters. Learn more.

Resource: Consumer Alert: Anonymous Messaging App NGL

Posted |

This consumer alert discusses a ban against the messaging app NGL from marketing to young people under 18. Learn more.

Webinar Recording: State Policies to Improve Mental Health and Employment for Youth with Marginalized Racial Identities

Posted |

This webinar focused on mental health and employment for youth from underserved and underrepresented communities. The webinar discussed ways that policymakers can expand culturally responsive practices, increase access to mental health supports, and embed mental health programs into workforce systems. Learn more.