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Call for New Ideas and Innovations in Higher Education

Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2014
In support of President Obama’s agenda to combat rising college costs, the Secretary of Education will use his statutory authority under the Higher Education Act (HEA) to grant waivers from specific Title IV, HEA statutory or regulatory requirements to allow a limited number of postsecondary educational institutions to participate in experiments to test alternative methods for administering the Title IV, HEA programs. These experimental sites will test new ideas that shine a light on innovative practices that can accelerate innovation, remove regulatory hurdles, and simplify pathways to higher education. The Department of Education is requesting that the public, including the higher education community and others with a stake in a more educated workforce and society, submit ideas for experimental sites. Submissions should also include data on the outcomes of the proposed alternatives and reasonable assessments of what would have happened under the existing requirements. Learn more.