Upcoming Event/Share with Youth: 2020 International Virtual Summit on Student Voice: Students Leading Meaningful Change

Date: June 23, 2020, 11 am - 1 pm ET
This Summit is a series of virtual events starting June 23rd leading up to what we sincerely hope is an in-person event in Minneapolis in the summer of 2021. The June 23, 2020 event is designed as a "how to" to assist students and adults to learn about, and be inspired to implement models for students sharing their experiences, thoughts, opinions, ideas, concerns, and desires to be actively engaged in problem-solving (including data generation and analysis), action, and evaluation addressing issues they care about through authentic youth/adult partnerships. It is a "how to" session rather than a youth/adult dialogue about the need for student voice. The audience desired is students (most appropriate for middle school/high school/college students), existing or potential adult partners (from K-12 schools-administrators, teachers, extra-curricular facilitators, youth organizations, after-school programs, pre-service programs, communities), researchers of student voice, and champions for student voice. Please encourage students to participate. Learn more and register online.