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About the Collaboration

In October of 2004, the AHA implemented a new policy whereby all its adult customers ages 18 to 61 must secure employment and continually maintain work throughout their stay in AHA communities. Seniors age 62 or older and disabled family members are exempt from this requirement. When this policy was implemented, AHA administrators knew that in order to ensure that families in its communities were able to successfully meet its work/program requirement, partnerships with supporting organizations in the Atlanta area would need to be established. Thus, the AHA began partnering with Atlanta area support service providers to create a service provider network.

The AHA’s service provider network consists of over fifty various organizations which have committed to working with AHA families as they work toward success. Services available to AHA customers through the service provider network are numerous and include

  • GED preparation and testing;
  • vocational and technical skills training;
  • child care services;
  • transportation assistance;
  • mental health and substance abuse services;
  • job training and job readiness programs;
  • services for seniors; and
  • disability services.