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Alhambra Unified School District Gateway to Success

Promising Practices

The Gateway to Success partners have a strong collective sense that it takes a whole community to ensure that youth are on the right track and thriving. There is a value and a philosophy that the best outcomes for youth will come from shared work (i.e., it is not just about what the individual agencies are doing). A team-based approach is apparent in a number of activities that the partners are involved in, including a well-attended monthly partnership meeting, which has representatives from both new and veteran partnering local agencies. Although this meeting is cohosted by the school district and the local police department, each of the 27 partnering agencies has an active voice in bringing ideas and concerns to the table. Partners are also linked in less formal ways. For example, they exchange cell phone numbers and communicate quite frequently about pressing events involving youth (e.g., partners at the school district will phone their partners based in mental health or social services about an issue involving a student).