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National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS)

Collaboration Structure

Learn how NOYS is structured to incorporate a large and diverse number of organizations through the leadership of the board of directors, its multiple channels of information, and topic-focused working groups.

Board of Directors

The collaboration is led by a board of directors with up to 21 members representing national nonprofit organizations, business leaders, federal agencies, and youth. At all times, the board must have at least four youth representatives who have roles and responsibilities similar to those of adult board members. This includes full voting rights and committee membership. New members of the board of directors are nominated and elected by the current board of directors.

The board of directors is broken into sub-committees focused on programs, communications, and membership. Additional committees are formed as needed. Examples include fundraising and other special initiatives.

Clear bylaws provide decision-making guidance and structure for the board.

Meetings and Communication

The board of directors meets monthly throughout the year and the entire coalition meets two to three times each year for a round table forum. Up to two youth from youth-serving organizations are invited to participate in the NOYS meetings. Youth who attend these meetings are eligible to be selected as youth representatives on the board of directors.

The weekly Notable NOYS Newsletter provides an ongoing venue for communication with all member programs. The newsletter shares information on the coalition, available grants, upcoming meetings, and other resources. Over 7000 people currently receive the newsletter. In addition, NOYS has active social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Working Groups

NOYS benefits from having a diverse set of member organizations. These organizations work on a wide range of youth safety issues. Specifically, NOYS has working groups focused on youth violence, injury prevention, and substance abuse.

Health & Wellness

Focuses on collaboration among groups advocating for healthy youth development, including topics such as childhood obesity, stress management, mental health, physical health, diet, exercise, spirituality, healthy environment, happiness, and others that are foundational to enhancing safe and healthy lifestyles for all youth. More information.

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Injury Prevention

Works to increase collaboration between groups focused on protecting youth from injuries. This includes groups focused on traffic, violence, substance use, farming, and health related issues, as well as efforts to prevent youth from making poor decisions. More information.

Traffic Safety

Focuses on collaborating on issues of teen driver safety, behaviors related to safe driving, and projects related to teen driver safety. The group provides support on traffic safety policy challenges, program opportunities, fundraising initiatives, responses to current events, teen driver statistics and research, and other issues involving traffic safety as they arise. More information.

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Youth Substance Abuse Prevention

Focuses on preventing substance abuse in youth through youth leadership, partnerships, empowerment, and engagement. The focus of the working group is on providing information about substance abuse, prevention, recognition, and intervention, and helping youth make positive decisions. More information.

Youth Violence Prevention

Promotes youth leadership and focuses on empowering and engaging youth in partnerships to prevent youth violence including teen dating violence prevention, cyber bullying prevention, and peer bullying prevention. More information.