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New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Criteria for Selecting a NY Initiative Priority

Rate the potential priority in each of the following areas on a scale of 1 to 3
(1 = Definitely no; 2 = Possibly; 3 = Definitely yes; and N/A = Not applicable):

  • Data/research is available to support and defend the policy/systems change.
  • Partners have access to a clear decision-maker (i.e., a person or institution who can make the change).
  • The policy/systems change is winnable or raises much needed awareness.
  • A policy/systems change will be attractive to potential partners (organizations or individuals).
  • There is access to needed resources (e.g., funding, space, and partner’s capacity to contribute time) that will be required to achieve this priority/systems change.
  • The policy/systems change will address an issue that has been identified or experienced by our partners’ participants or clients.
  • Individuals at the grassroots level will support the policy/systems change.
  • The policy/systems change will significantly enhance the Initiative’s ability to achieve its mission to safeguard the needs and uphold the rights of children and youth whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system.
  • The policy/systems change will benefit children, incarcerated parents, and communities.
  • A campaign to address this policy/systems change is likely to help the Initiative build clout, credibility, and influence.
  • Political will (i.e., support within the relevant system, political support, or decision-maker support) exists for the policy/systems change.
  • Partners and their respective organizations are energized by, enthusiastic about, and strongly committed to the policy/systems change.