USDA and the Military Support Youth through Positive Youth Development

Collaboration Purpose

When a service member knows that family members are being supported through a variety of programs and services, it allows him or her to better focus on readiness and the mission at hand. Mission readiness is of paramount importance to the Department of Defense and the respective military services. 

The youth-specific purpose of this collaboration is to support military-connected children of all ages, living on or off military installations, as they face unique circumstances and challenges. These multi-faceted collaborative programs, infused with the concept of positive youth development, give military-connected youth the opportunity to make connections with their community and peers wherever they move throughout their young lives.

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, supports additional partnerships and programs that support military families, specifically adults. Learn more about these programs.

See about the collaboration for more information on the evolution of the collaboration’s programs.