All Stars™

Program Goals
All Stars™ is a character-based approach to preventing high-risk behaviors such as substance use, violence, and premature sexual activity in teens ages 11 to 15. The program is based on research identifying the critical factors that lead young people to begin experimenting with substances and engaging in other high-risk behaviors. It is designed to reinforce positive qualities that are typical of youths at this age. It works to strengthen five specific qualities as a means to achieving preventive effects:

  • Establishing positive norms
  • Building strong personal commitments
  • Promoting positive parental attentiveness
  • Developing positive ideals and future aspirations
  • Promoting bonding with school and community organizations

Program Theory
All Stars™ is based in social learning theory which proposes that individuals are shaped by and actively model their behavior on observed behavior in others, including peers, their family, their neighborhoods, and authority figures. The All Stars™ program aims to offer participants an experience where positive lifestyle values are learned from their instructors and classmates, including perceptions of problem behaviors, and the importance of maintaining commitments.

Program Activities
A program specialist or regular classroom teacher can implement the program curriculum. All Stars™ consists of whole classroom sessions, small group sessions outside of the classroom, and one-on-one sessions between the instructor and the child. The program is interactive, including debates, games, and general discussion. Homework assignments are given to include parents in the program and to increase parent–child interactions. All Stars™ is also promoted for use in community-based settings such as afterschool programs, faith-based communities, Boys and Girls Clubs, and community centers.

Intervention ID

11 to 15

No Effects

Study 1
While Harrington and colleagues (2001) found that violence increased for all groups over time, there were no statistically significant differences between the groups.

Substance Use
The study found that measures of past 30-days drug use increased for all groups over time, with the specialist-run All Star™ treatment subjects reporting the highest rates across assessments. There were no statistically significant program effects for substance use between groups.

Sexual Activity
All three conditions saw marked increases in sexual activity between posttest and follow-up, but there were no significant differences between groups.

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