CCDC Annual Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)/Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI) Undergraduate Student Design Competition

This funding opportunity announcement is a call for eligible institutions to submit a design proposal expressing their interest to participate in a research design competition in topic areas of Army interest. There year there will be one Army-focused topic area that applicants can submit a proposal against. An eligible institution must form a team of undergraduate students who will produce a creative solution to one or more of these challenges. Eligible institutions are encouraged to form cross disciplinary (e.g. materials science, mechanical engineering, chemistry, computer science, etc. teams to address the challenge(s). An eligible institution must have a team with a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8) team members. The team must be made up of undergraduate students currently enrolled in eligible institutions. Team members must be at least 18 years old. The institution submitting the design proposal must provide in writing that the team members meet the age and enrollment requirements. International students are allowed to participate, but may not be eligible for all elements of the design competition awards. A team may be comprised of students from more than one eligible institution, however, an award will only be made to one institution, to the institution submitting the application, and the administrative requirements of the award must be executed through the Recipient (e.g., the awarded institution) . Team member composition may change only once during the competition. If there is a change in member composition, the Grants Officer and Grants Officer Representative must be notified in writing in advance of making the proposed change. The Recipient must demonstrate that the qualifications of the proposed team member replacement is equal or better than the team member being replaced. Each team must identify at least one faculty advisor or other representative who is employed by the Recipient.

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Dept of the Army -- Materiel Command