Internationalization of Indian Universities: Collaboration and Capacity Building

Based on funding availability, PAS Mission India will organize an all-India conference at an Indian institutions on internationalization. The selected host institutions should be a model of internationalization and must have active research and student/faculty exchange programs. Internationalization of institutions is required for providing quality higher education and is necessary to place institutions on the global rankings framework. Indian higher education institutions need to collaborate with their American and other foreign counterparts to be competitive in global research and innovation. The proposed conference should address the need for greater participation of American academics and students at Indian institutions and increased international content in Indian coursework to reflect today’s global nature of academia. The conference will attract approximately forty Indian institutions that have autonomy and have demonstrable interest in internationalization. Internationalization is the process by which institutions include global/cross cultural perspectives, curricula, research and participation of foreign students and scholar within their strategic and operational framework. The conference should attract a mix of private and public Indian universities. The grantee should identify both Indian and American experts who are able to design conference sessions and themes and topics that resonate with the needs and aspirations and capabilities of a majority of Indian institutions willingly to internationalize their campus community and curricula. It is important to note that Indian institutions display varying competence in internationalization and hence the selected grantee should be able to incorporate the varied learning requirements of the conference participants in the conference design process. After the conference, the grantee would be expected to conduct audits or visits at selected university campuses to advice on and evaluate the output of the grant activities. Grantee would be required to provide the Public Affairs section with a report of the visits and insights gained through discussions held at these events. (Please refer to the full announcement available under 'related documents tab'.)

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