Quality Improvement Center: Engaging Youth in Finding Permanency

This funding opportunity announcement is for a 5-year project to provide a Quality Improvement Center (QIC) that will pilot efforts in 6-8 jurisdictions across the nation to develop, implement, and evaluate methods of successful engagement of youth in finding their own permanency. Identifying the barriers and developing effective, comprehensive, and consistent strategies across the nation while engaging youth in the process is the focus for this funding opportunity. The QIC will also develop efforts to build the capacity of the child welfare workforce in the engagement of youth to not only find their own permanency, but also to identify the barriers. The development of strategies to achieve permanency for every youth without undo delays and without any youth leaving care without a stable, loving family will also be the focus of the QIC. It is critical that the child welfare systems across the nation are able to attack the barriers that exist to achieving timely, stable, and permanent placement of all children/youth in care.

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Administration for Children and Families - ACYF/CB
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