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The coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency public health emergency has greatly impacted our society – from changing how service providers and schools provide services as well as how families and children receive services or instruction. Programs have had to quickly change how they provide services and move to a virtual platform in order to interact with clients and families.

A 2020 Report from the Federal Communication Commission found that 18 million people, including 7 million children, lack internet access. The lack of a stable internet connection or appropriate devices limits who is able to access services delivered virtually. Low-income families and rural communities are disproportionately affected.

This information about available streams of funding for human services providers, educational institutions, and individuals and families to access broadband and devices has been compiled in response to the pressing need for connectivity and internet access in these times. While this is not intended to be a comprehensive resource, The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has a comprehensive guide to all federal funding opportunities for broadband on their website: BroadbandUSA (

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