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Self-Regulation Effective Implementation

Rather than recommending changes to what you do, here we provide advice about how to implement what you do well. Effective implementation components may increase the chances that your program is delivered in the way you intended and help ensure that the effective intervention components are able to drive improvements in self-regulation.

Our analysis found that studies that reported program implementation problems or suggested possible issues showed smaller improvements in participants’ ability to self-regulate than those that did not mention implementation at all or indicated no problems.

Common implementation challenges included sporadic attendance by participants or dropping out of the intervention, especially in school settings. School-based interventions may experience challenges that reflect the school environment – that is, if the school has issues with attendance or a highly mobile student population, these challenges may be faced by the self-regulation intervention as well. Moreover, unpredictable changes to school schedules can interrupt service delivery on certain days or weeks, cause an intervention to end earlier than planned, or both. Interventions for parents and families, which take place primarily outside of school settings, also face attendance challenges due to parents’ schedules and willingness to participate. Another common implementation challenge is adherence to the lesson plan or program delivery guidance by staff. Particularly in cases where the intervention is delivered by staff who have other main responsibilities, such as classroom teacher, sports coach, or probation officer, it can be challenging to find time to fully train them and ensure the intervention is a good match for their skillsets, and that it is being delivered as intended.

Below, we make specific suggestions for setting up systems to ensure implementation problems can be identified and addressed during the course of service delivery.