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  2. Social Skill Building
  3. Increase Frequency of Skill-building Sessions

Increase Frequency of Skill-building Sessions


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Skill-Building Interventions

Increase Frequency of Skill-building Sessions

Find ways to increase the frequency with which you provide skill-building sessions. This may involve altering the structure of the lessons so they can be delivered more frequently. If you are in a school setting, this may require additional negotiation and relationship-building with administration – and ultimately may not be feasible. But, keep in mind that some skill-building lessons can be brief and can be delivered in the context of almost any other activity, whether academic, therapeutic, or recreational. Our recommendations below provide some ideas for how to build in more frequent contact given the possible constraints.

More frequent sessions provide opportunities for repeated reinforcement of skills, allow for participants to use and see models of good interpersonal skills regularly, and may keep participants more focused on their social interactions. Social behavior is complex. There are subtleties to social interaction that make learning and internalizing social skills difficult. Providing instruction on a schedule that allows skills to build on each other rapidly may aid in the acquisition of new skills and promote lasting behavior change.