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Evidence Exchange
The AmeriCorps Evidence Exchange is a digital repository of research and evaluation reports focusing on national service, social innovation, civic engagement, and volunteering. The types of evidence included in the repository range from impact and implementation evaluations to outcome reports, case studies, and feasibility and cost effectiveness studies.

Evidence of Effectiveness in AmeriCorps-Funded Interventions
This report was designed to deepen AmeriCorps’ understanding of most effective interventions among those programs funded by the federal organization between 2015-2019 and those funded by the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) (a public-private investment vehicle of AmeriCorps that sought to sponsor local organizations’ promising community-based interventions) between 2010 and 2015. The review evaluates and analyzes the evidence-based effectiveness of existing interventions that, based on rigorous research, show favorable impacts on the majority of the targeted outcomes for people receiving the intervention services.