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The Program Directory features evidence-based programs whose purpose is to prevent and/or reduce delinquency or other problem behaviors in young people.

The Background & Methodology page describes how the Program Directory was developed, and how programs are evaluated and categorized. This section also includes a description of the meaning of the level assigned to each program. For up-to-the-minute information from the program database, please visit

The Research page describes risk and protective factors and how those factors are relevant to youth programs. It includes a bibliography of recent research.

The Nominate a Program page explains the process of requesting a program be included in the program.

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Rating Program Title Age Range
Promising 4th R Curriculum 14 to 15
Promising Aban Aya Youth Project 10 to 14
Promising Across Ages 11 to 13
Promising Active Parenting of Teens: Families in Action 11 to 14
Effective Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach 12 to 22
Effective Adolescent Diversion Project (Michigan State University) 13 to 15
Promising Adults and Children Together (ACT) Raising Safe Kids Program 25 to 45
Promising Aggression Replacement Training (ART) for Adolescents in a Runaway Shelter 11 to 17
Effective Aggression Replacement Training® (ART®) 11 to 17
Promising Alcohol Misuse Prevention Study (AMPS) 10 to 18
No Effects All Stars™ 11 to 15
Effective Alley-Gating in Liverpool (England) No Data.
Promising Alternatives for Families: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 6 to 13
Promising Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices 3 to 8
Promising American Indian Life Skills Development 14 to 19
Promising AMIkids Community-Based Day Treatment Services 14 to 17
Promising Amity In-Prison Therapeutic Community 18 to 100
Effective Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) 18 to 50
Promising Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives (ATHENA) 13 to 17
Promising Athletes Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids (ATLAS) 14 to 17
Promising Auglaize County (Ohio) Transition (ACT) Program 18 to 100
Promising Baltimore City (Md.) Drug Treatment Court 18 to 100
Promising Baltimore City (Md.) Family Recovery Program 0 to 5
Effective Behavioral Couples Therapy for Substance Abuse 20 to 60
Promising Bicultural Competence Skills Approach 9 to 11
Effective Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Community-Based Mentoring (CBM) Program 10 to 16
Effective Biting Back in Huddersfield (England) No Data.
Promising Boston (Massachusetts) Reentry Initiative (BRI) 18 to 32
Promising Boys and Girls Club – Project Learn 10 to 14
Promising Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Program (Illinois) 21 to 100
Effective Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students (BASICS) 18 to 24
Promising Brief Strategic Family Therapy 12 to 18
Effective Bronx (NY) Treatment Court 19 to 100
Effective Brooklyn (NY) Treatment Court 19 to 100
Effective Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment 18 to 59
Promising Burglary Reduction (Hartlepool, England) No Data.
Promising Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Los Angeles (Calif.) No Data.
Promising Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Philadelphia (Pa.) No Data.
No Effects California’s Repeat Offender Prevention Program (ROPP) 8 to 16
Promising Canberra Reintegrative Shaming Experiments 15 to 29
Promising Care, Assess, Respond, Empower (CARE) 14 to 19
Effective Career Academy 13 to 19
Promising Caring School Community 5 to 12
No Effects CASASTART 11 to 13
Promising CCTV in Five English Cities No Data.
Promising CCTV in Gillingham, England No Data.
Promising CCTV in Philadelphia (Pa.) No Data.
Promising CCTV in Redton, England No Data.
Promising CCTV in Southwark, England No Data.
Promising Changing Course 18 to 65
Promising Charlotte–Mecklenburg (N.C.) Police Department Domestic Violence Unit No Data.
Effective Checkpoint Tennessee No Data.
Promising Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) No Data.
Promising Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI) 7 to 17
Promising Child–Parent Center Program (Chicago, Ill.) 3 to 9
Promising Child–Parent Psychotherapy 3 to 5
Promising Clarke County (Ga.) Victim Impact Panels 16 to 100
Effective Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) 10 to 14
Promising Common Sense Parenting 2 to 17
No Effects Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol 15 to 20
Promising Communities That Care 10 to 17
Promising Community Advocacy Project 17 to 61
Promising Community and Law Enforcement Resources Together (ComALERT) 18 to 100
Promising Community Trials Intervention to Reduce High-Risk Drinking (RHRD) 0 to 100
Promising Compstat (Fort Worth, Texas)
Promising Connections 14 to 17
Promising Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline® (CMCD®) 8 to 11
Promising Coping Power Program 8 to 13
Promising Court Date Reminder Notices (Nebraska) 19 to 100
No Effects Culturally Focused Batterer Counseling (Pittsburgh, PA) No Data.
Promising Cure Violence (Chicago, Illinois) 16 to 25
Promising Dallas (Texas) Anti-Gang Initiative 6 to 17
Promising DARE to be You 2 to 5
Promising Delaware KEY/Crest Substance Abuse Programs 18 to 100
Effective DNA Field Experiment No Data.
No Effects Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) 11 to 18
Promising Drug Abuse Resistance Education + Play and Learn Under Supervision (DARE + PLUS) 13 to 18
Promising Drug Market Analysis Program (Jersey City, NJ) No Data.
Promising Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison (DTAP) 18 to 100
Promising DUII Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) 18 to 100
Promising Early Risers ‘Skills for Success’ Program 6 to 10
Promising Electronic Monitoring (Florida) 14 to 100
Promising Empowerment Training for Abused Pregnant Chinese Women 18 to 100
Promising Engaging Moms Program 18 to 100
Effective Engine Immobilizers No Data.
Promising Equipping Youth to Help One Another (EQUIP) 15 to 18
Promising Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 16 to 25
Promising Familias Unidas 12 to 17
Effective Families And Schools Together (FAST) 4 to 9
No Effects Families Facing the Future 8 to 12
Promising Family Foundations 0 to 3
Effective Family Matters 12 to 14
Promising Family Solutions Program (FSP) 14 to 17
Promising Fast Track 5 to 15
Effective First Step to Success 5 to 8
Promising Forever Free 18 to 100
Promising Front-End Diversion Initiative 12 to 16
Effective Functional Family Therapy (FFT) 11 to 17
Promising Gang Reduction Program (Los Angeles, California) 0 to 100
No Effects Gang Reduction Program (Richmond, VA) 0 to 100
Promising Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) 9 to 17
Effective Good Behavior Game 6 to 10
Promising Guam Adult Drug Court 18 to 100
Effective Guiding Good Choices 9 to 14
Promising Gunshot Detection Technology (Hampton, VA) No Data.
Promising Hamilton County (Ohio) Ignition Interlock Device Program 21 to 100
Effective Harlem (NY) Children's Zone – Promise Academy Charter Middle School 11 to 14
Promising Hawaii Opportunity Probation with Enforcement (HOPE) 18 to 100
Promising Healthy Families America 0 to 5
Effective HOMEBUILDERS 1 to 17
No Effects Hot Spots Policing (Jacksonville, FL) No Data.
Effective Hot Spots Policing (Lowell, Mass.) No Data.
Promising HUD’s HOPE VI Initiative (Milwaukee, WI) No Data.
Promising I Can Problem Solve (ICPS) 4 to 12
Promising Idaho DUI Courts and Misdemeanor/DUI Courts 18 to 100
Promising Independence Youth Court 7 to 16
Promising Indianapolis (Ind.) Directed Patrol No Data.
Promising Indianapolis (Ind.) Family Group Conferencing Experiment 11 to 14
Promising Indianapolis (Ind.) Violence Reduction Partnership (IVRP) No Data.
Promising Indigent Defense for Homicide Cases (Philadelphia, Penn.) 18 to 100
Promising Infant–Parent Psychotherapy 0 to 2
Promising InnerChange Freedom Initiative (Minnesota) No Data.
Effective Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) No Data.
Promising Interim Methadone Maintenance (IM) 26 to 55
Effective Jackson County (Ore.) Community Family Court 0 to 10
Promising Job Corps 16 to 24
No Effects JOBSTART 17 to 21
Promising Kansas City (MO) Gun Experiment 0 to 100
Promising Kansas City (MO) Police Department Street Narcotics Unit No Data.
Promising keepin’ it REAL 11 to 18
Promising Kids Club 6 to 12
Effective Kirkholt (England) Burglary Prevention Project No Data.
Promising KiVa Antibullying Program 10 to 12
No Effects License Plate Recognition Technology No Data.
Effective LifeSkills® Training 11 to 18
Effective Linking the Interests of Families and Teachers (LIFT) 6 to 11
No Effects Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence (SFA) 10 to 14
Promising Little Village Gang Violence Reduction Project (Comprehensive Gang Model) 12 to 24
Promising Maine Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts No Data.
No Effects Mandatory–Random Student Drug Testing 13 to 18
Effective Maryland Ignition Interlock Program 19 to 75
Promising Media Detective 7 to 13
Promising Media Ready 12 to 14
Promising Mendota Juvenile Treatment Center 16 to 18
Effective Methadone Maintenance Treatment 18 to 100
Promising Methodist Home for Children's Value-Based Therapeutic Environment (VBTE) Model 10 to 18
Promising Michigan Model for Health 9 to 11
Effective Midwestern Prevention Project (MPP) 10 to 14
Effective Milwaukee (Wis.) Homicide Review Commission (MHRC)
Effective Minneapolis (MN) Hot Spots Experiment No Data.
Promising Minneapolis Center for Victim-Offender Mediation 10 to 18
Promising Minnesota Prison-based Chemical Dependency Treatment 18 to 100
Promising Minnesota Prison-Based Sex Offender Treatment Program No Data.
Promising Minnesota Smoking Prevention Program 9 to 13
Promising Modified Therapeutic Community for Offenders with Mental Illness and Chemical Abuse (MICA) Disorders 18 to 100
No Effects Motivational Interviewing for Juvenile Substance Abuse 14 to 19
Promising Multi-site Adult Drug Court Evaluation (MADCE) 18 to 100
Effective Multidimensional Family Therapy 11 to 18
Effective Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care–Adolescents 12 to 17
No Effects Multimodal Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Program No Data.
Effective Multisystemic Therapy (MST) 12 to 17
Promising Multisystemic Therapy for Child Abuse and Neglect (MST–CAN) 10 to 17
Promising Multisystemic Therapy for Youth With Problem Sexual Behaviors (MST–PSB) 13 to 17
Promising Multisystemic Therapy–Family Integrated Transitions (MST–FIT) 12 to 19
Promising Multisystemic Therapy–Psychiatric 10 to 17
Effective Multisystemic Therapy–Substance Abuse 12 to 20
Effective Multnomah County (Ore.) Sanction Treatment Opportunity Progress (STOP) Drug Diversion Program 18 to 100
Promising Naltrexone for Federal Probationers 18 to 100
Promising Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) 18 to 100
Promising Narrative Exposure Therapy for Traumatized Children and Adolescents (KidNET) 7 to 16
Promising Nashville (Tenn.) Drug Market Intervention No Data.
Promising New Jersey Community Resource Centers 18 to 100
Promising New Jersey Halfway Back Program 18 to 100
No Effects New South Wales (Australia) Prison Methadone Maintenance Program 18 to 100
Promising NICHD Investigative Interview Protocol 2 to 14
Effective Nurse–Family Partnership 0 to 4
Promising Nutritional Supplements for Young Adult Prisoners 18 to 25
Promising Operation Burglary Countdown No Data.
Effective Operation Ceasefire (Boston, Mass.) 0 to 24
Promising Operation Ceasefire: Hollenbeck Initiative No Data.
Effective Operation Cul-de-Sac No Data.
Promising Operation Hardcore (Los Angeles, CA) No Data.
Promising Operation Impact (Newark, New Jersey) No Data.
Promising Operation New Hope 16 to 22
Effective Operation Peacekeeper 10 to 18
Promising Operation Safe Streets (Philadelphia, Pa.) No Data.
Promising Örebro Prevention Program 13 to 16
Promising Oregon Drug Courts 18 to 100
Promising Ottawa County (Mich.) Sobriety Court Program 18 to 100
No Effects Parent-Child Development Center 0 to 3
Promising Parenting with Love and Limits® 11 to 17
No Effects Parents as Teachers 0 to 3
Effective Parent–Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) 3 to 12
Promising PeaceBuilders 5 to 10
Promising Peers Making Peace 14 to 19
Effective Perry Preschool Project 3 to 4
Promising Philadelphia (Pa.) Low-Intensity Community Supervision Experiment 18 to 100
Effective Philadelphia Foot Patrol No Data.
Promising Phoenix (Ariz.) Repeat Offender Program
Effective Portland (OR) Burglary Prevention Project No Data.
Effective Positive Action 0 to 18
Effective Positive Family Support (PFS) 11 to 17
Promising Positive Youth Development Program (Connecticut) 11 to 14
No Effects Post-Rape Video Intervention 14 to 100
Promising Preventing Parolee Crime Program (PPCP) 18 to 100
Promising Prevention of Shoplifting No Data.
Promising Preventive Treatment Program 7 to 9
Promising Prison-Initiated Methadone Maintenance Treatment 35 to 45
Effective Prize-Based Incentive Contingency Management for Substance Abusers 18 to 100
No Effects Probation Case Management (San Francisco, Calif.) 18 to 100
Promising Problem-Oriented Policing in Violent Crime Places (Jersey City, NJ) No Data.
No Effects Project ALERT 11 to 18
Effective Project BUILD 10 to 17
Promising Project EX 14 to 19
No Effects Project Greenlight 18 to 100
Promising Project Link 0 to 1
Promising Project Northland 11 to 17
No Effects Project PATHE (Positive Action Through Holistic Education) 11 to 18
Promising Project Safe Neighborhoods (Chicago) No Data.
Promising Project Support 4 to 9
Promising Project Toward No Tobacco Use (Project TNT) 10 to 14
Promising Project Towards No Drug Abuse (Project TND) 14 to 19
Promising Project Venture 11 to 12
Effective Prolonged Exposure Therapy 15 to 70
Effective Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies (PATHS®) 3 to 12
Promising Public Surveillance Cameras (Baltimore, Maryland) No Data.
Effective Queens (NY) Treatment Court 18 to 100
Promising Raising Healthy Children 7 to 16
No Effects Reconnecting Youth 13 to 16
Effective Reduced Probation Caseload in Evidence-Based Setting (Iowa)
Effective Reduced Probation Caseload in Evidence-Based Setting (Oklahoma City) No Data.
Promising Regulation of Built-In Home Security (Netherlands) No Data.
Promising Residential Student Assistance Program (RSAP) 13 to 19
Promising Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (New York City) 6 to 13
Promising Responding in Peaceful and Positive Ways (RIPP) 10 to 15
Promising Richmond (CA) Comprehensive Homicide Initiative 0 to 100
No Effects Rochester (N.Y.) Domestic Violence Court Judicial Monitoring 18 to 100
Promising Rural Educational Achievement Project (REAP) 9 to 11
Effective Safe Dates 11 to 17
Promising Safe Street Teams (Boston, MA) No Data.
Promising Safer Cities Initiative No Data.
Effective Safer Cities Programme (UK) No Data.
No Effects SafERteens 14 to 18
Effective San Diego (Calif.) Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) No Data.
Promising San Francisco (Calif.) Behavioral Health Court 18 to 100
Promising San Juan County (N.M.) DWI First Offenders Program 18 to 100
No Effects SCARE Program 10 to 12
No Effects Second Responders Program (Redlands, CA) No Data.
Effective Second Step®: A Violence Prevention Curriculum 5 to 12
Promising Secured by Design, West Yorkshire (England) No Data.
No Effects Sembrando Salud 11 to 16
No Effects Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) 14 to 35
Promising Sexual Abuse: Family Education and Treatment Program (SAFE–T) 12 to 19
Promising Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program (Albuquerque, N.M.) No Data.
Promising Shifting Boundaries 10 to 15
Promising SMART Leaders 13 to 15
No Effects SMART Team 11 to 15
Effective SNAP® Under 12 Outreach Project 6 to 11
Promising Social Decision Making/Problem Solving Program 9 to 11
Effective Specialized Multi Agency Response Team (SMART) No Data.
Promising Spit Tobacco Intervention for Athletes 13 to 20
Promising Staff Training Aimed at Reducing Rearrest (STARR) 18 to 100
No Effects STARS (Start Taking Alcohol Risks Seriously) for Families 10 to 13
Promising Staying Connected with Your Teen 12 to 14
Promising STEP (School Transitional Environment Program) 10 to 15
Effective Steps to Respect® 8 to 12
Promising Stewards of Children 18 to 64
Promising Strategic Training Initiative in Community Supervision (STICS) 18 to 100
Effective Street Lighting in Dudley (England) No Data.
Effective Street Lighting in Stoke-on-Trent (England) No Data.
No Effects Strengthening Families Program 3 to 16
Effective Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10–14 10 to 14
Effective Strong African American Families (SAAF) 11 to 13
Promising Structured Decision Making (SDM) 0 to 19
Effective Success for All (SFA) 5 to 12
Promising Success for Kids 6 to 14
Promising Success in Stages® Program 10 to 17
Effective Suffolk County (NY) Drug Treatment Court 16 to 100
No Effects Supporting Adolescents with Guidance and Employment (SAGE) 12 to 16
Promising Syracuse Family Development Research Program (FDRP) 0 to 5
Promising Taking Charge 14 to 19
No Effects Taking Charge of Your Life 13 to 17
Promising Target Hardening in Northumbria (England) No Data.
Promising Targeted Gun Law Messaging No Data.
Promising TCU Mapping-Enhanced Counseling for Substance Users 18 to 100
Promising Teaching Students to Be Peacemakers 5 to 14
Effective Teams–Games–Tournaments (TGT) Alcohol Prevention 13 to 18
Promising Teenage Health Teaching Modules 11 to 18
Promising The Abuse Assessment (The Abuse Screen) 18 to 36
Effective The Incredible Years 2 to 8
Promising The Leadership Program’s Violence Prevention Project 12 to 16
Promising The Peacemakers Program 10 to 14
Promising The truth® Campaign 12 to 17
Promising Thinking for a Change No Data.
No Effects Too Good for Drugs—Elementary School 5 to 12
Promising Too Good for Drugs—Middle School 9 to 13
Promising Too Good for Violence 8 to 9
No Effects Transitional Case Management 24 to 45
Effective Trauma Affect Regulation: Guide for Education and Therapy (TARGET) 13 to 45
Effective Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF–CBT) 3 to 14
No Effects Tribes 6 to 10
Effective Triple P – Positive Parenting Program 0 to 12
No Effects Weed and Seed (Miami, Fla.) No Data.
Promising Women’s Health CoOp (Pretoria, South Africa) 18 to 100
Promising Woodrock Youth Development Program 6 to 14
Promising Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®) 12 to 19