HOSA 2020 Virtual ILC Conference Winners

HOSA-Future Health Professionals conducted the 43rd annual Virtual International Leadership Conference (VILC) with 7,300 members, advisors, judges and guests on June 24-27, 2020. Virtual ILC highlights included: 77 health-related competitive events, 64 educational workshops, 83 exhibitors, and two keynoters. Below are highlights of the 2020 event winners

Public Health — all presentations focus on Opioids

  1. Novi High School — Michigan
  2. Enloe High School - North Carolina
  3. Skyline High School — Washington
  4. Milton High School - Georgia
  5. Novi High School — Michigan (another team from this school)
  6. Western University - Canada - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uxTXJucFQs&fbclid=IwAR2sDjMoUsBCD7OgHkC6AbG43rx7HdNpvzPgBOwqu23oeuHMx8zHD0bF7bk

MRC Partnership — presentations focus on how HOSA collaborated with MRC Units across the nation to promote the MRC and HOSA missions

  1. Francis Tuttle Pre-Nursing Meek — Oklahoma
  2. Olentangy High School — Ohio
  3. Ashley Ridge High School  - South Carolina

Community Awareness — presentations outline ways teams brought attention to health related issues in their communities

  1. Olentangy High School — Ohio — Teen Education on HIV/Aids
  2. Juanita High School — Washington — Awareness on Homelessness
  3. Farmington High School — Michigan — Sexual Harassment and Assault 

Health Education — presentations summarize how HOSA teams created lessons to help educate their peers/the public/younger students on health related issues

  1. Lambert High School — Georgia — Pathogenic Diseases and Transmission
  2. Bedford High School — Michigan — Protecting your Immune System
  3. Troy High School — Michigan — How Germs Spread

Medical Innovation — presentations explain new medical innovations invented by our HOSA teams to help improve health issues, conditions, and problems  

  1. Chanhassen High School — Minnesota - The B.A.E Food Bar; Supporting Homeless Populations
  2. Ed W. Clark High School — Nevada — The Clot Catcher
  3. Francis Tuttle Technology Center Rockwell Dalhed  - Oklahoma - Security Bin Auto Sanitizer (audio is a little spotty for 2 minutes in the middle, but overall it is such a quality project we had to share!)

Research Persuasive Writing and Speaking — speeches asked competitors to pick a side of the topic: Big Pharmaceuticals — Creating More Cures or Clients?”

  1. Yuqing Yang — China
  2. Rachel Shaw — Texas
  3. Rahmah Isa — Texas