AmeriCorps Week 2017

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It's AmeriCorps Week: March 4-11

During AmeriCorps Week 2017, individuals, programs, and organizations will honor and celebrate the contributions that 80,000 Americans make to their communities and the service of more than 1 million AmeriCorps alumni.

Beyond showing appreciation for AmeriCorps members, one of our main goals for the week is to increase overall awareness of the valuable contributions they make to communities and our country. So this is the time we go all out to thank our members and get others to thank them too (think proclamations, editorials, and blogposts), share our impact, and show our “A.” We also want to have some fun, because after all, service is hard work ... and a little fun keeps us motivated. This year, AmeriCorps Week will be celebrated across the country on March 4-11, 2017.

AmeriCorps Week is a time to salute AmeriCorps members and alums for their service, thank AmeriCorps community partners, and communicate AmeriCorps impact on communities and on the lives of those who serve.

Change your Facebook Profile Pic

AmeriCorps Profile pic

During AmeriCorps Week, show your support for AmeriCorps by changing your profile pic. Download this jpeg here

To tell the AmeriCorps story at the national level, CNCS will:
  • Release a new recruitment video for AmeriCorps NCCC.
  • Share your #AmeriCorpsWorks posts on social media. 
  • Publish a webpage describing AmeriCorps for a general audience.
  • Release a short, animated video describing AmeriCorps to a general audience.
  • Share stories that demonstrate the impact of AmeriCorps.
  • Create and share tweets around veterans, education and workforce development themes. 
  • Highlight service as a pathway to employment and alumni studies.

More Ideas 

For State Commissions:

In addition to sharing the content listed above, we encourage you to take other actions to promote AmeriCorps:
  • Get proclamations from your Governor.
  • Get open letters thanking AmeriCorps from Governors, Mayors, and other Officials.
  • Activate Alumni Chapters to host “Thank You” events with current members.
  • Find your favorite “ThrowBackThursday” photos and share them. #AmeriCorpsWorks
  • Be on the lookout for a daily question on AmeriCorps social media channels to encourage fun conversation among members and alums.
    • Examples: What song just HAS to be on your ‘AmeriCorps’ playlist? 
    • If AmeriCorps had a mascot, what would it be?
  • Share your statewide fast facts about AmeriCorps. #AmeriCorpsWorks (check out ours at

Please share your stories, pictures, blog posts, proclamations, and ask us questions by sending an email to  

For Programs:

  • Tag all AmeriCorps Week social media. #AmeriCorpsWorks
  • Host “AmeriCorps Member for a Day.” This is a great way to help community members, elected officials, funders, and potential recruits know about the work you do.  Begin by administering the “AmeriCorps Pledge” and issue them a uniform for the day….then get to serving! Capture the service, share it with us, and amplify on your own channels. #AmeriCorpsWorks
  • Share your data that demonstrates #AmeriCorpsWorks.
  • Engage your Boards of Directors in the AmeriCorps Week conversation and showing their appreciation for members and Alumni.
  • Thank your current members and AmeriCorps Alumni (and engage sponsoring organizations, funders, etc.).
  • Host presentations in schools about AmeriCorps (the new animated video that will launch on Wednesday during AmeriCorps Week is a good tool).
  • Provide social media impact prompts to members and partners, for example:
    • Last year [Program Name] tutored [XX] kids in [CITY] with average reading gains of 2.3 years. #AmeriCorpsWorks
    • Since September my [Program Name] team has helped restore [XXX] miles of urban trails. #AmeriCorpsWorks
    • In February, [Program Name] prepared [XXX] tax returns, saving individuals and families [XX]. #AmeriCorpsWorks

For AmeriCorps Members and Alumni: 

  • Share your favorite “AmeriCorps” photo…..we all love the “Day of the A”!
  • Take a quick video of something that made you feel great about your service and share it. #AmeriCorpsWorks
  • Some of you may have been serving a few weeks, some for several months, and some may have served 20 years ago. What is your favorite “Throwback Thursday” photo?  Tag it and Share it! #AmeriCorpsWorks (and #TBT)
  • Be prepared to share your service playlist…..Follow us on Facebook so you will know when.
  • Share other things that remind you of your AmeriCorps experience, i.e. song, artist, etc.  Follow us on social media so you know when.
  • Have AmeriCorps members take pictures of themselves in front of their sponsor organization logo wearing AmeriCorps branding/gear.

Bottom line:

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and get ready to SHARE your “AmeriPride” with friends, family, and people you come in contact with throughout your day!  AmeriCorps members do great service and this is our week to shout it from the mountaintop!  #AmeriCorpsWorks

To catch the latest on AmeriCorps Week check out our splash page

Timeline for AmeriCorps Week: 

Saturday, March 4

  • Let's Thank AmeriCorps Members and Alumni

Sunday, March 5

Monday, March 6

  • AmeriCorps Member for a Day begins
  • Social media fun begins

Tuesday, March 7

  • Day of the A
  • Research and other social media supporting impact
  • More social media fun

Wednesday, March 8

  • Release a short, animated video describing AmeriCorps to a general audience.
  • More impact stories and more social media fun

Thursday, March 9

  • Throwback Thursday (#TBT)
  • Social media push for "Things that remind you of your AmeriCorps experience"
  • Alums: How do you keep connected to your AmeriCorps service?

Friday, March 10

  • Research and other social media supporting impact
  • More social media fun

Saturday, March 11

  • Week in review