March 25th Webinar: Making the Most of Public Service Internships

You are invited to attend the March 25th webinar titled “Making the Most of Public Service Internships”. This interactive webinar will raise awareness of public service internships and offer suggestions for how to make the most of these important opportunities. Participants will learn about internship experiences firsthand from federal employees and prior interns. 

This is the inaugural webinar to accompany the launch of Youth Engaged 4 Change (YE4C), a site created by the IWGYP in partnership with youth. The site celebrates youth “change makers” who are making a difference in the world, promotes meaningful relationships between youth and adults, and connects youth with federal opportunities and resources. The site offers a number of features:

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    Did you know the federal government has more than 430 federal agencies, departments, and organizations that could be seeking interns at any given time? Find out how you can land a position and make the most of it from federal employees and young former interns with firsthand experience. #YE4Cinternships