Administration for Children and Families

Resource: National Foster Care Month Campaign Facebook Page

In observance of National Foster Care Month, this Facebook page serves as a forum for organizations, groups, partners, parents, caregivers, and youth to promote the events, resources, stories, and photos to share local and national NFCM events, photos, and stories from events and more.

Research: Does Sexual Orientation Affect Teen Pregnancy Risk?

This article describes a study that used data from the 2005, 2007, and 2009 New York City Youth Risk Behavior Surveys to understand how sexual orientation affects high-school students' risk of getting pregnant or getting someone pregnant. 

Guidance: Education Department Reiterates — Title I Funding Can Be Used to Serve Homeless Students

This article explains the guidance provided in a recent “Dear Colleague” letter issued by ED which explains how school districts can use Title I funds to help children and youth experiencing homelessness.