Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE)

Upcoming Webinar: Positive Youth Development across the Federal Government: A Thought Leader Conversation with Cheri Hoffman

On April 1, at 2 pm ET, Karen Pittman will sit down with Cheri Hoffman, who chairs the IWGYP and directs the Division of Children and Youth Policy for ASPE. This session will explore how the IWGYP helps federal agencies approach positive youth development and emerging ways that the working group is tackling its mission.

Report: Parental Incarceration and Children in Nonparental Care

This brief compares children in nonparental care as a result of parental incarceration with those who experienced parental incarceration but not as a reason for nonparental care, and those with no experience of parental incarceration.

Report: Patterns of Foster Care Placement and Family Reunification following Child Maltreatment Investigations

This brief identifies characteristics of children and families who reunified with parents or family following the child’s stay in foster care, patterns regarding success or failure of reunification, and maltreatment re-reports among children reunified with their families.

Report: Psychotropic Medication Use among Children Who Are Subjects of Child Protective Services Investigations: Does Court Oversight Matter?

This brief examines courts’ roles in overseeing psychotropic medication prescriptions for children who were the subjects of child maltreatment investigations. It also explores the relationship between oversight roles, rates of psychotropic medication use, and rates at which children were re-reported to child protection agencies.