Department of Health and Human Services

Resource: Understanding and Addressing Trauma and Child Sex Trafficking

This policy brief describes child sex trafficking, including what it is, who is at risk, the potential consequences, and what can be done to address it. 

Resource: Mass Violence and Behavioral Health

This bulletin describes how mass violence affects the behavioral health of adult, adolescent, and child survivors or witnesses of a mass violence incident. 

Pregnancy Assistance Fund: Support for Expectant and Parenting Teens, Women, Fathers, and Their Families (Funding Opportunity)

This notice solicits applications from states and tribes for the development and implementation of programs to improve the educational, health, and social outcomes of expectant and parenting teens, women, fathers, and their families.

Resource: PAF Program Videos

Two new videos highlight the Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF), a program that supports expectant and parenting teens and their children.