Funding Opportunities

NASA Teams Engaging Affiliated Museums and Informal Institutions, Remote Opportunity Rapid Response (Funding Opportunity)

This call for proposals seeks an innovative program, opportunity, or product capable of reaching a diverse set of students, with specific focus on underserved and/or underrepresented students in STEM and helping to minimize the inequities faced by communities without ready access to information and communication technology.

Randomized Controlled Trials of Criminal Justice Programs and Practices (Funding Opportunity)

This Request for Proposals from Arnold Ventures seeks grant applications to conduct randomized controlled trials of criminal justice programs and practices.

Smart on Juvenile Justice: Enhancing Youth Access to Justice Initiative

This initiative (PDF, 34 pages) will provide funding to: (1) develop statewide juvenile indigent defense legal delivery systems; (2) implement standards of practice and policy; and (3) establish state or regional resource centers to help juvenile defense systems enhance legal representation, leverage resources, and collect and analyze data to measure the effectiveness of specific initiatives.

National Service and Civic Engagement Research Competition

This competition will fund institutions of higher education to build on existing research, address gaps in knowledge, and provide new ideas that increase the nation’s understanding about the importance and potential of volunteering, national and community service, and/or civic engagement.

OJP Releases FY 2015 Program Plan for Funding Initiatives

OJP’s Program Plan for 2015 is now available online. This searchable online document contains current funding opportunities for initiatives within the OJP.