Juvenile Justice

Resource: Focused Deterrence of High-Risk Individuals: Response Guide No. 13

This guide describes the concept of focused deterrence initiatives (FDI), administering and leading an FDI, and applying focused deterrence to specific crime problems.

Report: Spotlight on Juvenile Justice Initiatives: A State by State Survey

This report highlights the results of a state-level survey of juvenile justice initiatives from 34 states as reported by their State Advisory Groups. 

Resource: The Mentoring Toolkit 2.0: Resources for Developing Programs for Incarcerated Youth

This toolkit provides information, program descriptions, and links to important resources that can assist juvenile correctional facilities and other organizations with designing effective mentoring programs for neglected and delinquent youth, particularly those who are incarcerated.

Resource: Updates to Statistical Briefing Book on Homicide Data

These updates to the Statistical Briefing Book include the addition of FAQs regarding juvenile homicide victims and juvenile homicide offending.