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National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention Communities: Salinas

The City of Salinas, California has been dealing with gang violence for more than 50 years. The community has identified a number of related risk factors – including poverty, homelessness, poor schools, teen pregnancy, lack of out-of-school activities, family problems, and blight.

Salinas is framing a multi-pronged strategy to address these problems – efforts to promote positive youth development, connect law enforcement and the community in designing shared solutions, create a safe school environment and strong collaborations with support agencies, and address drug and alcohol abuse. 

Point of Contact:

Jose Arreola
Community Safety Administrator
City of Salinas, Community Safety Division


Summary of Youth Violence Prevention Plan
Drug and alcohol use prevention, intervention and recovery
Mental health services
Suicide prevention services
  • Family Service Agency of the Central Coast – Suicide Prevention Program:
Post-incarceration transitional housing programs
Youth empowerment and skill development programs
Enrichment programs such as art and music
Recreational programs