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Strategic Planning Toolkit: Step 2.4

Identify Resources & Assets

Another important task in the data collection and analysis process is determining what resources and assets currently exist that can be coordinated to address priority concerns identified by the steering committee. In addition to political and community will to support the youth violence prevention plan, assets include:

  • Existing local programs and strategies that have demonstrated success in addressing similar problems
  • Knowledge of the infrastructure of key agencies and organizations; for example:
    • How are decisions made?
    • Which departments and individuals control needed resources?
    • What constraints (e.g., financial, regulatory, staff shortages, training needs) may affect participation at this time or in the longer term?
  • Knowledge of community groups and individuals who can be engaged in the effort

Planning toolPlanning Tool: Community Resources Data Sheet
This two-page form developed for the OJJDP Comprehensive Gang Model assists in collecting information about resources identified. It captures full contact information, as well as service type (prevention, intervention, or suppression), agency type, and descriptive information.