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What Criteria Will be Used to Select Pilots?

The Administration will announce the specific criteria that will be used to select pilots when it issues a solicitation for applications. The guiding principles under consideration include the capacity of the pilots, and the initiative as a whole, to:

  • Achieve and measure improved outcomes for disconnected youth, especially youth with very low employment, education, and well-being outcomes that can be attributed to the pilots.
  • Work with partners across multiple levels of government and the private sector that, together, represent or build on partnerships that have already demonstrated success and could continue effective practices identified through a pilot, have capacity to manage pilot performance using reliable data about the target population, and could participate in an evaluation to help identify effective ways to organize and deliver services to achieve outcomes.
  • Support a range of strategies developed by States, Tribes, and localities that hold great promise.
  • Support strategies, outcomes, and target populations, including boys and young men of color and foster care youth, which are the focus of Administration priorities such as Job-Driven Training, My Brother’s Keeper, and Promise Zones.

Key question for stakeholders:

  • Are these sound principles for developing selection criteria? What should be added or changed?