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Cameron: School-Based Mental Health

“My weekly sessions with [my counselor] straightened my life out the most. It helped me gain control of my life [and] put me in a better position for the future.”

Cameron responds to a series of questions about his experience with school-based mental health. He discusses how school mental health has positively impacted and made a difference in his life, and shares his message that school-based mental health programs could also help other students.

Cameron's handwritten answers to questions

Cameron responded to the following questions:

  1. How has the school mental health program impacted you?
  2. How have the school mental health counselor and the services you received made a difference for your life?
  3. If this program had not been in your school, would your life be different now?  Would it be worse?
  4. What would you say was the most helpful service to you?
  5. What about this experience matters to you most?
  6. If a person (teacher, principal, or a counselor) asked you if the school mental health program should be in their school, what would you say to them?


Cameron                 Age: 13

  1. It has increased my grades ever since I first started.
  2. It has heavily impacted my emotions and I am much happier since the start of the program.
  3. My life would have been more than likely worse without it, grades would probably be much worse than before, and I would still be depressed.
  4. My weekly sessions with [counselor] has straightened my life out the most.
  5. Everything about it matters, it helps me gain control my life and puts me in a better position for the future.
  6. I would say yes because it was so helpful to me, and through my own experiences with the program, it would help struggling students like I was.