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Megan: School-Based Mental Health

“People always think that there’s never going to be help … talk to the school mental health counselor… to make you feel better …calm yourself down.”

Megan shares her experience with school-based mental health and provides advice for her peers.




[Adult] Can I ask you what made you seek services with a social worker?

[Megan] Well, I was depressed and I had taken medicine for depression, but I couldn’t always see someone like my psychiatrist and I was told there was someone here that could help me with it. And I came here, you know, different things that made me depressed, I would talk to her about it all the time. Mostly just [about] my depression and anger.

[Adult] And she helped you with both of those, with the anger too?

[Megan] Yes, she told me some different techniques for them. And she, if I come here mad about someone, she calms me down with different things. Sometimes she talks about something funny and it usually just takes my mind right off of it and I’ll be fine.

[Adult] If you were going to talk to your friends, what would you say to them about getting help at high school like seeing a social worker or somebody from mental health? What advice would you give them?

[Megan] I would definitely tell them to go and see [them]. People always think that there’s never going to be help and there always is help, and some can help more than others and I suggest coming to the social workers. If it’s like something serious, like abuse or schizophrenia kind of symptoms, they can always call in something and get you different kinds of help or you know if you just need to talk about it, you know, they can help you with that and make you feel better, calm yourself down, stuff like that.

[Adult] So it has helped you?

[Megan] Yes it has.