Report: Take Action for Adolescents: A Call to Action for Adolescent Health and Well-Being

This report (PDF, 35 pages) outlines eight goals and aligned initial action steps that various populations can take to help create the coordinated systems, services, and supports young people need to thrive. The eight goals are: 

  1. Eliminate disparities to advance health equity 

  1. Increase youth agency and youth engagement 

  1. Ensure access to safe and supportive environments 

  1. Increase coordination and collaboration within and across systems 

  1. Expand access to health care and human services 

  1. Strengthen training and support for caring adults 

  1. Improve health information and health literacy 

  1. Support, translate, and disseminate research.  

This report includes examples of federal programs and resources that focus on improving and supporting adolescent health and well-being. Learn more (PDF, 35 pages).