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One-time registration with is required in order for you or your organization to apply for a grant. If you are a first-time registrant, it may take up to several weeks to have your registration confirmed and to receive your username and password. Start the registration process as early as possible to prevent delays in submitting application packages to agencies before their specified deadlines.

Use the registration tool to go through a step by step registration process, whether you are registering as an individual, organization, or grantor.


To simplify your funding search, we’ve developed a custom search tool that allows you to search by Youth Topic or Federal Agency.

Get Connected to offers free subscriptions that can keep you connected to the federal grant process. Subscribe and receive notifications of new grant opportunities, postings, and updates. You do not need to be a registered user of to sign up for these services.

  • RSS Feed: Helps you stay informed about new and updated grant opportunities. 
  • Updates: Gives you the opportunity to receive updated information about critical issues, new tips for users and other time sensitive updates as information is available.
  • All Grants Notices: Enables you to receive daily notification of all new grant opportunities.