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Resources: Crisis Helplines

Posted | Sep 10 2021

If someone's life is in danger, call 911 or your local emergency number.

Below are crisis support services for specific needs: 

Resource: Anniversaries and Trigger Events

Posted | Sep 10 2021

This webpage shares how anniversaries of disasters and other trigger events may renew symptoms of emotional distress in survivors and provides tips to help cope with renewed stress as an anniversary approaches or when trigger events suddenly occur. Learn more.

Report: Building Co-Regulation Capacity to Support Positive Development for Youth with Foster Care Experience

Posted | Sep 10 2021

This report builds from a body of work that describes how self-regulation can be applied as a framework for promoting health and well-being for youth through ’co-regulation’, which includes Caring, Consistent, & Responsive Relationships; Co-Creation of Supportive Environments; and Intentional and Developmentally-Informed Day-to-Day Interactions. It specifically addresses previously identified research gaps including a lack of effective self-regulation interventions for adolescents, particularly for youth who have experienced an accumulation of acute and chronic stressors. Learn more and access the report.