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Webinar: Supporting Young Adults in Reentry through Medicaid Funding

Posted | Apr 23 2024

Date: April 25, 2024, 2:00 pm ET 

In this webinar, panelists will highlight lessons learned through collaboration to expand health coverage for young people that inform planning for broader adult reentry populations. Presenters will focus on the opportunity for adult corrections administrators to support young adults ages 18–21, and up to 26 for those involved in the foster care system.Learn more and register. 

Resource: Promoting Safe and Inclusive Environments for Students of AII Religious, Secular, or Spiritual Identities

Posted | Apr 23 2024

This webpage contains resources designed to equip educators, students, parents, and community members with the knowledge and strategies to challenge religious and racial discrimination and foster spaces where every student feels valued and can thrive academically and socially. Resources are provided for K-12 and college/university environments. Learn more. 

Webinar Recording: Collaboration for High Quality School Mental Health Services: Effective Partnering with Families and Advocates

Posted | Apr 23 2024

This webinar discussed effective family-school partnership practices, including an outline of procedures that necessitate caregiver involvement, specific family engagement strategies, and community resources for families and professionals. Learn more.