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Resource: 2023 Speed Prevention Campaign: Speeding Wrecks Lives

Posted | May 26 2023

The 2023 Speed Prevention Campaign, Speeding Wrecks Lives, is July 10–31, 2023. This webpage contains information on the two  campaigns under Speeding Wrecks Lives:  

  1. Speeding Catches Up with You (social norming)  

  1. Speeding Slows You Down (enforcement) 

Both campaigns include graphics, ads, press releases, social media content, videos, and more. Learn more. 


Resource: Possible Ways of Increasing College Access Among Adults from Underserved Backgrounds: A Study of College Transition Text-Based Messaging

Posted | May 26 2023

This report (PDF, 25 pages) examines the effectiveness of customized text messages in increasing college enrollment rates among adults receiving services from Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs). The study compares the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion and college enrollment rates of a group who received automated text messages focused on financial aid and key college enrollment steps to those of a group who did not receive automated texts. Learn more.  

Resource: Multilingual Learner Toolkits: Find What Works for You

Posted | May 26 2023

This set of toolkits helps parents, educators, and administrators support students who are English Language Learners. Learn more.