Webinar: Internet Safety: Combating Cyberbullying, Sextortion, and Mental Health for Middle and High School Students

Posted | Sep 25 2023

Date: September 27, 2023, 2:00 pm ET 

This webinar will discuss the evolving danger of financial sextortion of American teens and share strategies to prevent and mitigate cyberbullying and associated mental health challenges. Learn more and register. 

Resource: Peer Education Portal

Posted | Sep 20 2023

This Peer Education Portal is a webpage where students, leaders, peer educators, and student health advocates are invited to share their school’s prevention education program with campuses nationwide. Learn more. 

Resource: Exploring Groundwater

Posted | Sep 20 2023

In this activity, students will experiment with the conditions that affect how much groundwater certain types of soil can absorb. This activity is designed for students in grades 5–12 and for informal education environments. Learn more.