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Resource: Bystanders to Bullying

Posted | May 26 2022

This website explains the difference between a bystander, who witnesses bullying but may not take action, and an upstander, who does take action to stop the bullying they witness. The resource provides concrete tips on how bystanders can become upstanders. Learn more.  

Resource: Effects of Bullying

Posted | May 26 2022

This webpage offers evidence-based information on the effects of bullying for youth who have been bullied, youth who are bullying others, and bystanders. These effects include physical, social, emotional, academic, and mental health issues that often accompany involvement with or proximity to bullying. The relationship between bullying and suicide is also discussed. Learn more.  

Resource: Warning Signs for Bullying

Posted | May 26 2022

This webpage describes signs that a young person is being bullied or is bullying others. The page also provides explanations on why some children do not seek help when being bullied or bullying others. Learn more.