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Resource: Bullying and Trauma

Posted | May 24 2022

This webpage describes the connection between bullying and traumatic stress. It offers tips on how parents, teachers, and other trusted adults can help children or teens who experience traumatic stress from bullying. Learn more. 

Webinar: All About the I: Intersex Inclusion

Posted | May 24 2022

Date: June 7, 2022, 1:00 – 2:30 pm ET 

This webinar provides an overview of issues impacting individuals with intersex variations across the lifespan and provides guidance for service providers on how to work with individuals and families as they navigate systems of care. In this first of the two-part webinar series on “the I” in LGBTQI2-S, participants will learn key facts about intersex variations as well as the history of intersex health care in the United States.  

Physical health, behavioral health, and quality of life outcomes will be reviewed, followed by a discussion of best practices to support and center care for individuals with intersex variations throughout their lifespan. Learn more.  

Resource: 2019 National Indian Education Study (NIES) Data Companion

Posted | May 24 2022

This report describes findings from two write-in sections of student and teacher survey questionnaires in the National Indian Education Study (NIES). The survey questions are specific to AI/AN students, and they explore the role of AI/AN culture in students' lives and school experiences. Learn more.