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Resource: Standing Together to Prevent Bullying

Posted | Nov 24 2022

In this video, the U.S. Surgeon General discusses bullying statistics, adverse mental health effects of bullying, and the positive impacts that feeling connected to people at school and at home can have on reducing negative health outcomes as a result of bullying. Learn more. 

Resource: Law Enforcement Agencies that Employ School Resource Officers, 2019

Posted | Nov 24 2022

This report (PDF, 31 pages) presents statistics about school resource officers, based on data from the first-time BJS Survey of Law Enforcement Personnel in Schools agency survey. The report provides data on the agencies that employ school resource officers and demographics of the officers. It also describes the policies related to school resource officers, including law enforcement, mentoring, and teaching duties performed; hiring processes; and required training. Learn more. 

Children’s Bureau Express Survey

Posted | Nov 23 2022

The Children’s Bureau is seeking feedback from Children’s Bureau Express subscribers. This survey asks readers what they think about Children’s Bureau content, topical coverage, format, style, number and timing of issues, display, and more. Learn more.