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Resource: ACS-ED Data

The American Community Survey-Education Tabulation (ACS-ED) is now available for the most recent cycle of the American Community Survey (2017-2021). ACS-ED is the largest collection of demographic and economic characteristics for school-age students and their families produced by the federal sector. Data include the social, demographic, economic, and housing characteristics of over 13,000 geographically-defined school districts in the United States, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. The Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates program (EDGE) makes ACS-ED tabulations available through several data tools: 

  • The ACS-ED Dashboard provides an infographic-based demographic profile of a single school district. 

  • The ACS-ED Maps combines geo-enabled ACS-ED tabulations with additional reference layers (like schools and Congressional Districts) so data users can see the district demographic and economic estimates in their native geographic context. 

  • The ACS-ED Tables provide economic, demographic, social, and housing characteristics for school districts.  

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