Resource: Experiences of Victimization Among Latinos: Studies Confirm Significant Victim Mental Health Impact and Mistrust of Authorities

This report shares findings from two studies which concluded that impacts of bias victimization, including hate crimes, harassment, threats, and other types of victimization, are wide-ranging across Latino populations. The studies suggest that anti-immigrant sentiment is a substantial driver of Latino victimization and has increased in recent years. Key research findings include the following: 

  • Non-immigrant Latinos are more likely than immigrant Latinos to report their bias-motivated victimizations. 

  • Latino victims of bias-motived incidents are more likely to seek help and support from friends and family than from formal sources of support; only 8% reported their victimization to police. 

  • Bias-motivated victimization among Latinos has a larger association with negative mental health outcomes than other forms of victimization. 

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