Group of youth giving a thumbs up

Partnership for Results (The Partnership) is a model of local governance designed to implement a broad spectrum of evidence-based programs for the benefit of youth at risk. Operating in Cayuga County in Central New York, it has improved outcomes for children and youth and their families since its founding in 2000.

The Partnership’s collaboration structure includes the following:

  • A strong leadership structure and team
  • An effective decision-making process
  • Implementation of protocols for collecting data across agency lines
  • Evaluation of effectiveness to drive improvement
  • Established joint fiduciary responsibility to braid funding

The Partnership’s best practices include:

  • Maintaining strong and supportive leadership
  • Sharing fiscal responsibility to create a sustainable structure
  • Fostering cross-agency awareness and providing cross-training
  • Focusing on sustainability from the start

The Partnership learned these lessons:

  • Develop instruments and databases designed to meet your needs.
  • Sustain programs through changes in leadership.
  • Manage relationships and conflicts.
  • Be aware of potential for resistance to change.
  • Reinforce staff commitment.

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