Archived Webinar: Youth Don’t Need to Be Fixed: Strategic Framing for Messaging on PYD

In September 2018, the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs hosted a webinar to describe the ways that commonly-held beliefs about youth interfere with communicating about positive youth development (PYD). Experts from the  American Institutes for Research shared (1) communication challenges and successes from PYD experts; (2) results of a social media landscape analysis showing current framing of PYD issues from youth-serving organizations; and (3) ways to restructure and reframe our conversations about and with youth based on some of the cultural patterns of thinking about youth that often derail the conversation.

Objectives from this webinar include:

  1. Understand evidence-based strategic framing and why it’s critical for communicating/messaging about complex issues,
  2. Describe barriers to successful communication and mobilization around positive youth development, and
  3. Formulate reframed messages to communicate more effectively about positive youth development.

Access the archived webinar documents: