1. Got Transition? Six Core Elements for Improving the Transition From Pediatric To Adult Health Care

Got Transition? Six Core Elements for Improving the Transition From Pediatric To Adult Health Care

Got Transition

Article UPDATED July 9, 2020:

Got Transition is now offering the updated Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™ 3.0, which define the basic components of HCT support. The Six Core Elements 3.0 are intended for use by pediatric, family medicine, med-peds, and internal medicine practices.

To help practices transform their HCT processes, Got Transition has also developed new practical step-by-step Implementation Guides dedicated to each core element. Got Transition offers background information on how to use the Implementation Guides, as well as a Quality Improvement Primer for those unfamiliar with the QI process.

Got Transition has also revamped its website to offer an interactive experience to clinicians, youth/young adults, parent/caregivers, and researchers/ policymakers. The revamped site includes new toolkits, Six Core Elements samples, online quizzes, one-pagers, and other HCT-related resources and information.

For more information about the updated Six Core Elements, new Implementation Guides, and revamped website, please read the following press release (PDF, 1 page) or check out the website!

Original Article:

Got Transition has updated the clinical resources on transition from pediatric to adult health care. The Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition (Version 2.0) defines the basic components of transition support. These core elements are consistent with 2011’s “Clinical Report on Health Care Transition,” which was jointly developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American College of Physicians. Dr. Patience White, the co-director of Got Transition, said “we are pleased to make available these new resources to stimulate new quality improvement efforts aimed at ensuring that all youth effectively transition from pediatric- to adult-focused care.”

Transition tool packages are available in English and Spanish for three specific types of practices:

  1. Practices serving youth who will transition out of pediatric care into adult care
  2. Practices serving youth who will remain with the same provider but need to transition to adult-focused care
  3. Practices accepting new young adults into adult care

Each package provides sample tools that are customizable and available for download, including:

  • Sample transition policy
  • Tracking mechanism
  • Readiness/self-care assessment tool
  • Plan of care template
  • Medical summary
  • Emergency care plan
  • Transfer checklist
  • Transfer letter
  • Consumer feedback surveys
  • Two new measurement tools to assess the progress of improving the quality of transition

Got Transition also launched its redesigned website, The website includes several notable resources:

  • Interactive health provider section that corresponds to the three practice settings of the Six Core Elements
  • Set of frequently asked questions about transition that were developed by and for youth, young adults, and families
  • New information for researchers and policymakers
  • Robust list of transition resources

Got Transition/Center for Health Care Transition is a federally funded national resource center on health care transition. The effort was developed through a cooperative agreement between the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health.