1. National Youth Listening Tour

National Youth Listening Tour

Just one month after taking office, President Obama announced the American Graduation Initiative, where he challenged America to have the highest proportion of college graduates – whether from one-year, two-year, or four-year programs – in the world by 2020. The U.S. Department of Education is leading a National Youth Listening Tour to engage youth on the President’s 2020 goal. 

Through the summer and fall, the Department of Education will partner with local youth-serving institutions, city government and districts to host youth forums in various cities. The National Youth Listening Tour is a part of a greater effort to engage youth, families, and communities in improving our nation’s schools.

The Department of Education has highlighted the following key themes that can contribute to achievement of the President’s goal:

  • High Expectations and a College Going Culture
  • Effective Teaching and Instruction
  • School Climate/Safety
  • Meaningful Adult Relationships
  • Well Rounded Education

Upon completion of the tour, key themes, challenges and solutions will be shared with participating organizations and Department officials.  Collecting information and listening to youth is a critical part in making progress to meet the President’s 2020 goal. In addition, youth participants will be invited to join a “Youth Voices” Facebook page to continue the dialogue virtually, and be invited to participate in future activities with the Department. For more information about upcoming sessions, contact