Youth-Led Health Center Assessment Tool

Gathering feedback from adolescents can help improve the youth-friendliness of health centers, but can often be challenging to do. The Adolescent Health Initiative (AHI) at Michigan Medicine, in collaboration with their youth advisory council, recently created an assessment tool (PDF, 4 pages) to engage youth in evaluating health centers. This brief assessment encourages youth to reflect on a health center’s environment and services.

The accompanying facilitator guide (PDF, 6 pages) is designed to help adults support youth in using this tool to evaluate a health center. The facilitator guide includes a link to a video developed by AHI’s youth advisory council titled, “What Matters to You(th)? Perspectives on Health Care Experiences.” Filmed from the point of view of three teens visiting their health center, this video prompts youth to consider what is important to them when accessing health care.

AHI is currently recruiting health care sites to pilot the youth-led assessment tool and facilitator guide. For questions or for more information, please email