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Nominate a Program to Model Programs Guide
Model Programs Guide welcomes program nominations. For a program’s evaluation evidence to be reviewed for inclusion in MPG, it must target juveniles and meet the program scope and evaluation studies screening criteria.
A nominated program must target an at-risk or offender population and aim to—
  • Prevent or reduce crime, delinquency, or related problem behaviors such as aggression, gang involvement, and/or school attachment.
  • Prevent, intervene, or respond to victimization. 
  • Improve justice systems or processes
  • Target an offender population or an at-risk population (that is, individuals who have the potential to become involved in the justice system). 
There must also be existing evaluation research studies that meet the following criteria: 
  • The program must be evaluated with at least one randomized field experiment or a quasi-experimental research design (with a comparison condition). 
  • The outcomes assessed must relate to crime, delinquency, or victimization prevention, intervention, or response. 
  • The evaluation(s) must be published in a peer-reviewed publication or documented in a comprehensive evaluation report. 
  • The date of publication must be 1980 or after. 
When submitting a program for consideration, include as much information about the program and the research evaluations, including citations, as possible. Review’s “Program Review and Rating From Start to Finish” page to help guide the submission:
However, programs may be nominated without specific citations. In such cases, the inclusion of referrals to individuals who may have more information or be in possession of such studies is helpful. Qualitative studies are also welcome as they may provide valuable context for a program.
To nominate a program, Contact the Model Programs Guide
Contact Model Programs Guide
For more information related to the Model Programs Guide or to nominate a program, contact:
Stephen Gies, Ph.D.
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