Webinars & Presentations

Resource: Supporting Decision Making Recording

This recording share how to support young people to make healthy, safe decisions that are consistent with their own interests and preferences.

Archived Webinar: Pushing Educational Boundaries: Student Recommendations for Spending American Rescue Plan Funds

This archived webinar features their instrumental recommendations to help all students achieve educational success and incorporate student voices in decision-making.

Archived Webinar: The Benefits and Importance of Using YPAR with Youth with Incarcerated Parents

This webinar discussed the variety of roles youth may hold and the importance of leveraging developmental relationships while conducting Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR). This webinar is especially useful for researchers who conduct YPAR working with youth who have or have had an incarcerated parent.

Past Event: Webinar on Advancing the Use of Core Components Approaches: Suggestions for Researchers Publishing Evaluation Results

This webinar identifies categories of data important to collect and report on that would advance core components approaches. It also engages audience members in a discussion about how best to incentivize researchers, journal editors and others to make more complete and detailed information available to identify, test, and scale up core components of effective programs.

Archived Webinar: Simplifying the Funding Search Process with youth.gov

This archived webinar shares information on how to find and apply for federal grants for youth programs.

Archived Webinar: Program Evaluation Doesn’t Have to be Scary: Increase Buy-In with Message Framing

This webinar shares evidence-based communications framing strategies to gain buy-in for implementing program evaluation.