1. Parenting


This guide aims to help parents understand and identify the current medications and popular nonapproved substances teens are misusing. The guide describes the problem of drug misuse among teens, where and how they are getting drugs, and misconceptions of prescription drug use. Learn more (PDF, 60 pages).  ...
This webpage offers tips to help parents and caregivers talk about mental health with young people. The webpage describes warning signs that a young person may be struggling and shares guidance on what to do if a parent suspects their child is struggling. Conversation starters and additional resources to support ...
Learning how to self-regulate their emotions, reactions, and behaviors is an important skill for youth as they enter and navigate their teenage and young adult years.
This webpage offers evidence-based guidance from experts and parents on the best approaches to parenting teens. The resource highlights articles, videos, and activities for parents and caregivers on these topics:  Understanding and adapting to the teen years  Coaching teens to recognize and manage emotions  Encouraging teen independence  Praising your teen  Learn more.  ...
This infographic shares steps to help parents coach their child’s literacy learning at home. Tips on providing feedback and offering other coaching support to break down difficult tasks are provided. Learn more. 
This webpage shares resources that highlight how programs and child welfare professionals can support young parents, including parents in out-of-home care. State and local examples of strengths-based programs for young parents are provided. Learn more. 
This webpage shares guidance on working with expectant and parenting youth in out-of-home care and ways to support them and their families. State and local examples are provided. Learn more. 
This bulletin (PDF, 18 pages) provides strategies for caseworkers, agencies, and other youth-serving professionals to better support expectant and parenting youth and their families. The bulletin provides tips for working with these young people and shares case-level and systemwide strategies that contribute to overall improved outcomes. Learn more.   ...
This fact sheet (PDF, 10 pages) shares stories and advice from caregivers and birth parents who have experienced kinship care on the importance of maintaining boundaries, managing family dynamics, building trust, positive parenting and communication, and securing support. Learn more. 
This webpage provides tips for parents about helping teens stay safe behind the wheel. The webpage shares an overview of graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws, what parents can do to enforce GDL laws, and describes the benefits of driver’s education programs. Learn more. 
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