Teen Dating Violence

Family Violence Prevention and Services Discretionary Grant Program/National Domestic Violence Hotline

The national domestic violence hotline (hotline) serves as a critical partner in the intervention, prevention and resource assistance efforts of family violence, domestic violence and dating violence service providers.

Family Violence Prevention and Services Discretionary Grants: Specialized Services for Abused Parents and Their Children (Demonstration Projects)

MODIFICATION TO FORECAST: This Forecast has been modified to update eligibility, which now includes county governments, city and township governments, Native American tribal governments (federally recognized) and Native American tribal organizations (other than Federally recognized tribal governments). The Forecast is also modified to provide additional clarification on expected grant activities and use of project funds.

Alaska Native Tribal Resource Center on Domestic Violence

The Alaska Native Tribal Resource Center on Domestic Violence (ANTFC) will offer a comprehensive array of statewide community education, training, and technical assistance to Indian Tribes and tribal organizations, specifically designed to enhance the capacity of the Tribes (Alaska Natives) and tribal organizations to respond to family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence in a culturally sensitive and relevant manner.

Title V Competitive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

The Administration for Children and Families, Administration on Children, Youth and Families' Family and Youth Services Bureau announces the availability of funds under the Title V Competitive Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (CSRAE) Program. The purpose of Title V Competitive SRAE is to fund projects to implement education exclusively on sexual risk avoidance that teaches youth participants to voluntarily refrain from non-marital sexual activity.

Resource: Tip Sheets on Everyday Parenting Topics

These tip sheets are designed for service providers to share with parents and caregivers in the context of a particular concern or question. They can be downloaded individually or as a packet in English and Spanish.

Resources to Support Youth and Families During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak

These can be difficult times for young people and those who work with them. This article has resources for those working with children, youth, and families.

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