Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Resource: NCFY

This website provides articles highlighting resources on research, program strategies, federal news, and funding opportunities.

Resource: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review

This website provides a systematic review of teen pregnancy prevention literature and identifies effective programs that reduce teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and associated sexual risk behaviors.

Report: Estimates of Contraceptive Need Among Currently Sexually Active, Uninsured Women

This report estimates the number of uninsured, currently sexually active women in need of contraceptive service at the state and sub-state levels, and maps that highlight areas where mosquitoes that can spread Zika are common and where family planning services are available.

Resource: Updated Findings from the HHS Teen Pregnancy Prevention Evidence Review

This brief summarizes the findings from a recent update to an ongoing systematic review of research on teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection prevention programs.

Resource: Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Replication Study: Study Overview, Baseline Profiles, and Design Reports

The TPP Replication Study tests whether three evidence-based program models previously shown to be effective in a single study demonstrate effectiveness when implemented with fidelity by Office of Adolescent Health grantees.