This webinar describes how tools including a recruitment tip sheet, retention tip sheets, checklist, and toolkit can be integrated into programs and services for young fathers. The webinar audio (MP3 file) and transcript (PDF, 38 pages) are also provided.
This webinar presents research on the characteristics of young fathers, identifies the unique needs of young fathers, describes strategies for engaging young fathers in programs, and provides links to additional resources to support working with young fathers.
This webinar describes what Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions are pertinent to expectant and parenting youth and their children, as well as what health care resources and services are available for this population. The webinar audio (MP3 file) and transcript (PDF, 43 pages) are also available.
This webinar discusses housing instability amongst vulnerable families and partnerships that can prevent and reduce homelessness. The webinar includes a roundtable discussion with federal policy makers, advocates, and researchers; presentations from Tribal home visiting grantees; and a Q&A session. The webinar transcript (PDF, 60 pages) is also available. ...
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