1. Pregnant and parenting youth

Pregnant and parenting youth

This report presents survey results describing to what extent supportive housing programs are implementing the core components for supportive housing programs serving pregnant and parenting teens. It also includes case studies of supportive housing programs demonstrating strong implementation of the core components. ...
This report describes a set of core components for supportive housing programs serving pregnant and parenting teens identified by a national advisory council. Core components include supports and resources to promote 1) self-sufficiency, 2) housing stability, 3) financial stability, 4) successful and engaged parenting and attachment, and 5) healthy relationships. ...
This brief summarizes findings from a qualitative study that explored the challenges of serving young fathers in home visiting programs and the strategies staff use to engage young fathers across five home visiting programs in the United States.
This webinar describes how tools including a recruitment tip sheet, retention tip sheets, checklist, and toolkit can be integrated into programs and services for young fathers. The webinar audio (MP3 file) and transcript (PDF, 38 pages) are also provided.
This webinar presents research on the characteristics of young fathers, identifies the unique needs of young fathers, describes strategies for engaging young fathers in programs, and provides links to additional resources to support working with young fathers.
This web article describes five things service providers should know about teen parents and how to help them. It summarizes findings from a Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy study, highlighting issues of family conflict, abuse and neglect, homelessness, and trafficking among teen parents.
This tip sheet provides service providers with information and links to additional resources for working with pregnant and parenting teens. Topics include ways to promote self-sufficiency and relationship outcomes for pregnant and parenting teens, and the developmental outcomes of their children.
This report summarizes findings from workgroup meetings convened by the Office Adolescent Health, including promising practices for engaging and retaining pregnant and parenting teens, important program components when working with this population, and examples of implementing these program components. ...
This webpage provides training and technical assistance resources for Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) grantees and professionals working with pregnant and parenting teens. It includes information about PAF grants which help pregnant and parenting teens and their families gain access to health care, child care, housing, and other supports. ...
This webpage provides advice and resources for pregnant and parenting youth who have a mental health condition.
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