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Group of youth of different ages and races


Navicate (formerly Linking Learning to Life, Inc.) is non-profit organization that acts as both a direct service program operator and an intermediary that supports a collaboration of schools, businesses, colleges, and other organizations to foster opportunities for community service, leadership development, career and college exploration, internships, and employment for youth in Vermont as they transition from school to careers and postsecondary education. Navicate started as a local collaboration and it is now supporting programs and partnerships across Vermont.

Navicate's collaboration structure includes

  • dedicated staff and a board of directors with representation from business, education, state agencies, and other nonprofits;
  • expanding partnerships with school districts, businesses, colleges, community organizations, and legislators; and
  • a strategic plan and an annual report that are developed and approved every year.

Best practices include

  • sustaining strong, consistent leadership and a focus on interpersonal relationships;
  • clearly defining roles, expectations, and timelines;
  • focusing on using data to analyze gaps and develop future plans; and
  • thinking creatively when expanding the scope of services.

Throughout its tenure, Navicate has learned the following lessons

  • Determining creative ways to fund the collaboration is essential
  • Building connections with local partners helps address unique local challenges

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